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Beautiful smiles can lead to new opportunities both professionally and socially. It’s about more than just changing how others perceive you; healthy teeth also allow a personal transformation. Investing in cosmetic dentistry can boost your self-esteem, oral function, self-confidence, and social life more than you ever realized.

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular among average people who simply want to improve their smiles. With so many options available, you can easily afford the smile you’ve always wanted. In fact, as technology advances, cosmetic procedures become less expensive and more accessible to everyone.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Each treatment has its own set of advantages, depending on your smile goals and timeline. These are the most popular aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry trends that we provide at Sleek Dental in Kyle.

Dental Crowns | Kyle & Austin TX

Dental Crowns

Cracked or damaged teeth can ruin your smile and make eating difficult. Plus, they can weaken and fall apart over time. Full-coverage restorations are required whether your teeth have been damaged above the root or need to be extracted and replaced with dental implants.Crowns, also known as “caps,” are dental restorations that cover individual teeth like a protective shell. These restorations protect the tooth from further decay, breakage, and erosion. They are strong enough for regular use and can withstand the majority of daily wear.

Our team is highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry and can use dental crowns to restore the strength, beauty, function, and functionality of your posterior teeth. This is possible thanks to CEREC technology. It is a portable system that makes high-quality ceramic and zirconia crowns that are designed to last.

Dental Veneers | Kyle & Austin TX

Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most beneficial ways to restore beauty and strength if you are missing more than one tooth. To conceal flaws such as small cracks, discoloration, and misalignment, we apply thin, custom-designed veneers to the visible surfaces of your front teeth.

Porcelain and Emax veneers are both strong and lustrous, just like natural teeth. Our dentists will work with you to find the best shade, size, and shape for your new smile. We also offer no-prep Lumineers, which are non-invasive, reversible veneers that you can have removed at any time.

Teeth Whitening | Kyle & Austin TX

Teeth Whitening

Having stained, yellowed, or darkened teeth can detract from your smile, no matter how healthy your teeth truly are.Strips, gels, and toothpaste are just a few of the teeth-whitening options available at your local grocery store, but they only do so much. Professional teeth whitening treatments, such as those provided by Sleek Dental, produce the best results.

Our team is highly qualified and knowledgeable in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. With the right system, you can take years off your smile in one visit or just two weeks. Tooth whitening allows you to boost your self-confidence, laugh around friends, or pose for photos without thinking twice.

Whitening can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with other cosmetic services. To ensure that new restorations match, we recommend that you whiten your front teeth prior to getting any new dental work.

Invisalign | Kyle & Austin TX

Clear Aligners

If you’ve been considering getting clear aligners, you’ll be excited to learn more about the invisible orthodontic systems that we offer at Sleek Dental.

SureSmile is an invisible orthodontic aligner system for straighter teeth. This clear orthodontic treatment eliminates the need for traditional braces’ permanently attached wires and brackets. Aligner trays are changed every two weeks, and you can see the digital preview of your future smile before the treatment even starts.

We are a SureSmile certified clear aligner provider in Kyle, TX, and oversee your SureSmile experience. Normally we only need to visit with you about once a month to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You can then pick up your next sets of trays and continue your treatment at home between visits.

Dental Bonding

When even the smallest chips or flaws in your smile are visible, it can alter your entire appearance. Thankfully, dental bonding is a safe and fast solution! First, we gently condition the tooth so that the bonding tightly adheres to your enamel. Our dentists shape it around your tooth after carefully matching the materials to the surrounding tooth structure. A UV light cures the bonding in place once we’ve achieved the desired results.Typically, no drilling or anesthesia is required! The entire procedure can be completed in just one visit with our Kyle dentists.

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Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry offers numerous benefits to individuals seeking to enhance the appearance of their smiles. Here are some key benefits:

  • Improved Aesthetics: Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth and smile.
  • Enhanced Self-Confidence: A beautiful smile can significantly boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved Oral Function: Certain cosmetic dentistry procedures not only enhance the aesthetics but also improve the functionality of your teeth.
  • Long-lasting Results: Many cosmetic dentistry procedures provide long-lasting results.
  • Versatile Treatment Options: Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of treatment options to address various dental concerns.
  • Improved Dental Health: Many cosmetic dentistry procedures not only enhance the appearance of your teeth but also improve your overall dental health.

Get a Smile Makeover

Make an appointment to discuss your smile and find out which cosmetic treatment is best for you. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will assist you in planning the ideal cosmetic treatment to achieve the smile you’ve always desired (and at the price you want.)

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If you do not have dental insurance, give us a call. We are proud to offer our Dental Membership Plan. For a low, monthly fee, individuals and families can receive your routine, preventive care along with significant discounts on other services.

No limits. No deductibles. No surprises. In many cases, it is simpler, easier – and less expensive – than dental insurance.

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